About the Alexander Music School

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About the Alexander Music School

“an ideal learning environment set in an
area of outstanding natural beauty”

The role of the Alexander Music School:
The School was founded by Cat Jary as a venue to host short courses and to give pupils and teachers an opportunity to work together in an ideal learning environment.
Courses offer a unique opportunity for people to devote themselves to learning and to immerse themselves fully in the courses, without the usual time constraints and pressures of modern society.
Courses have enormous potential to inspire and revitalize students and teachers. They give the chance to be surrounded by others with a similar interest, and the surprise opportunities that frequently arise can be highly rewarding and stimulating for everyone involved.

Core Programme:
The Alexander Music School will invite a few guest teachers each year as part of a ‘core programme’ of short courses. There will be separate courses in both music and Alexander Technique, as well as courses that apply Alexander Technique to music.
Music courses will be for musicians who either wish to play chamber music, or study aspects of playing repertoire or instruments etc. The performance opportunities make these courses suitable for music lovers wishing to enjoy the concerts, atmosphere and involvement of these courses.
Alexander Technique courses will be appropriate for people wishing to deepen their understanding of the principles of F M Alexander’s work. These courses will range from introductory courses to professional development courses for qualified Alexander teachers.
Alexander Technique applied to music and performance will be of interest both to musicians suffering with injuries or looking to prevent injury and tension, and for Alexander teachers working with musician pupils.

The Alexander Music School can also provide a venue for teachers wishing to run their own course, independent of the ‘core programme’.
We will endeavour to meet your requirements and offer any assistance needed. Teachers interested please contact Cat Jary for further information.

The Director of the school, Cat Jary, started attending music courses initially as a member of Bedfordshire Youth Music, and later as a participant of various holiday courses, summer schools and Masterclasses. Cat’s teaching career has offered her opportunities to coach youth orchestras on numerous courses, as either a string tutor or Alexander Technique teacher. In the summer of 2003 Cat was the Alexander Technique teacher for both the award winning City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra and the European Union Youth Orchestra’s summer tour.